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Orbita Watch Winders

Orbita Watch Winders for sale

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Brief History of Orbita Watch Winders

Commencing operations in 1996, Orbita Corporation initially offered a single patented device developed by Orbita’s founder, Charles “Chuck” Agnoff, to keep fine automatic watches wound when unworn. This Unique device, dubbed a “watch winder,” was virtually unknown at the time but it satisfied the needs of a cadre of fine watch owners who found the task of continually needing to re-set unworn watches, most of which had various complications such as day, date, month, moonphase, etc., somewhat challenging.


The reason why Orbita continue to make state-of-the- art watch winder technology their business? They love watches, and they want to help keep them on the move. Like all watch customers, they are fascinated by masterpieces of traditional watchmaking. They have therefore set themselves a goal: to develop appliances which "keep mechanical watches on the move" - safely and reliably.


To ensure that they keep perfect time, all the time and where valuable timepieces are involved, only state- of-the-art is good enough. The exclusive range of products offers quality at its best. Orbita has combined the finest Italian design and exquisite materials with high-precision technology and superb craftsmanship, producing masterpieces of sophistication. ORBITA products are the perfect choice - to be enjoyed and cherished. Today ORBITA is proud to be the international market leader for the production and sale of Premium watch winders. From their production plants in Emmendingen, Germany and Wilmington N.C., USA.



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